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  • High school athletes seeking to enhance their athletic skills and increase their chances of securing college scholarships.

  • College athletes looking to develop their athletic performance, improve their career prospects, and maximize their potential.

  • Athletes who are committed to academic success and seek support in balancing their athletic and academic responsibilities.

  • Individuals who value a comprehensive approach to athlete development, encompassing training, education, and career preparation.

  • Athletes who are motivated, dedicated, and willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve their goals.


  • Recreational athletes who do not have aspirations of pursuing collegiate or professional sports careers.

  • Individuals who are not willing to commit to the time and effort required for rigorous training and academic preparation.

  • Athletes who have already completed their collegiate eligibility and are not pursuing further athletic opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RPA College, and who is it designed for?

RPA College is a comprehensive program designed for athletes who are seeking academic and athletic support to navigate the college recruitment process successfully. It is tailored to high school athletes looking to prepare for college, post-graduation athletes aiming to enhance their recruitment prospects, and junior college athletes seeking opportunities to transfer to four-year institutions.

Can RPA College help with college scholarship opportunities?

Yes, RPA College is dedicated to helping athletes maximize their college scholarship opportunities. Through our recruiting platforms and assessments, we connect athletes with college coaches and provide guidance on how to showcase their skills and stand out in the recruitment process.

Will RPA College interfere with my current academic studies?

No, RPA College is designed to complement your existing academic studies. We provide flexible scheduling and online resources, allowing you to balance your academic workload and participation in RPA programs effectively.

Is financial aid or scholarship available for RPA College?

RPA College does not provide financial aid or scholarships directly. However, we can guide athletes on scholarship opportunities and connect them with resources to explore potential financial assistance options.

Can RPA College help with academic eligibility requirements for college sports?

Yes, RPA College offers guidance on academic eligibility requirements for college sports. We help athletes understand the NCAA or NAIA academic standards and provide assistance in meeting these requirements to ensure eligibility for collegiate athletics.

How long does the RPA College program typically last?

The duration of the RPA College program can vary depending on individual goals and circumstances. We offer flexible membership options, and the program length can range from a few months to a year or more, depending on the specific needs of the athlete.

How does RPA College help athletes with the college recruitment process?

RPA College provides athletes with access to a range of resources, including online sports training, academic courses, recruiting platforms, and assessments. These tools help athletes develop their skills, create a strong academic profile, and increase their visibility to college coaches.

What sets RPA College apart from other college preparation programs?

RPA College stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining academic support, athletic training, recruiting platforms, and NIL education within a single program. We provide personalized guidance and a wide range of resources to support athletes throughout their journey.

Is RPA College suitable for athletes pursuing sports outside of the major team sports?

Absolutely! RPA College caters to athletes from a variety of sports, including individual sports, niche sports, and team sports. Our resources and support are tailored to meet the unique needs of athletes across a wide range of athletic disciplines.

Can parents or coaches be involved in the RPA College program?

Yes, we encourage parents and coaches to be involved in the RPA College program. We recognize the importance of a collaborative approach and provide regular communication and updates to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged in the athlete's progress.