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Established for recent high school graduates (within their 1 year window) athletes who are seeking an opportunity to increase their marketability, performance enhancement, injury recovery, or an early start on college academics.

  • 1.Must be registered with NCAA/NAIAeligibility center and have a status of Qualifier

  • 2. Minimum GPA of 2.5

  • 3. Opportunity to compete in a controlled competitive schedule

  • 4. Eligibility only preserved if recently graduated from high school and never enrolled full time in college. (some cases have exceptions.)

    • Recruiting & Expsoure

    • RPA athletes consistently compete each year for roster spots, earn scholarships & garner preferential financial packaging at various college levels. Our recruitment philosophy, style & process is unique & a proven winner. Our athletes get recruited at Division 1, 2 & 3 schools at all NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA schools 

    • Initial Eligibility Requirements

    • The academic requirements needed to play at the NCAA, NAIA + Juco levels. NCAA Academic Standards will be explained in detail. Also learn the academic & competitive differences between NCAA Divisions 1, 2 & 3 playing levels & how to get your college bound student athletes academically prepared.

    • What Are You Saying?

    • Learn how to talk to college coaches with confidence! Topics include phone & interview preparation for the recruiting process; your “30 second elevator pitch” .Make a great first impression with every coach you talk to!

    • College Athlete Prep & Development

    • Many athletes go through their high school days playing positions that won't get them recruited or noticed. Your time with RPA will be focused on development of the full athlete which includes possible position change or adjustment. 

    • Recruiting 101

    • Learn what it takes to play college sports & how the college recruitment process works. We simplify the process & provide a road-map to a college sports career. We tell you how to make the recruiting process work for you! As well as how to target the best colleges for YOU! Identify schools that fit interests, needs & skills both academically & athletically.

    • Maturing In The Tangible and Intangible

    • One of the biggest factors in successfully completing and competing in college is the maturity factor. Many high school graduates do not posses the skills needed to matriculate properly through college. Your time at RPA will prepare you for the rigors of college and athletics. 

    • Delayed Enrollment Process

    • Learn how RPA uses the delayed enrollment rule to build an effective recruiting profile for the college recruiting process. 

    • Leadership Training

    • Finding the leader in you. Your leadership style. This is great insight to deliver to colleges and recruiters. Leadership undoubtedly is the most under-rated skill needed for success in competitive athletics.